Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dominance War III - Tebra.

I'm on a inter-forums contest called Dominance War III.

This is my 3d thread:

This is my 3d character:

Name: Tebra.

Class: Warlord.

Race: Cursed Human.

Artifact: Wind Star - air/lightning.

Tebra was a leader who drove his brave people to a terrible battle against Zarack, a powerful invoker. Only Tebra survived. Zarack cursed him for his inconsequet act. Tebra was turned into a monster to never lead any army again. So Tebra decided to be his own army and fight to honor his people and die fighting to meet them again, he climbed the highest mountain and shouted for the the gods... and someone heard. Waspen, a celestial fey, was sent to give him an artifact, the Wind Star. Now Tebra has the power to fight!

I'll show more in the next post.